Can America Be Free Again?

It can if you demand it. Think Moses and Pharaoh: you cannot beg to be set free.

There is a boatload of books, vids, and articles coming out every day offering advice, guidance, even orders on how to live our lives "in these troubled times". As the "Stay Home, Stay Safe " mantra became ubiquitous, it also morphed into meaninglessness, a vacuous, reflexive expression as vapid and nugatory as "How are ya?". Do you really want to know? Imagine a casual acquaintance responding, "Hey! Thanks for asking! I just had a root canal, and it hurt like hell because the oral surgeon – yeah, I had to see an oral surgeon – first gets out this mongo needle and then….". If you are baseline normal, you're looking for the nearest exit.

The point is an old one: words have meaning. And as we slide down the razor blade of life – "in these troubled times" – that has never been more true, especially on the subject of America's Freedom.

"In these troubled times", we are inundated with the indisputable actions and authoritative edicts from Government Officials, Governors, Leading Medical Experts, Mayors, Commissioners, and other petty tyrants. Current events are "Outrageous!", "Unreasonable!", "Illegal!", "Unconstitutional!" - and my personal favorite: "Unacceptable!."

"Unacceptable!"? Really? How does one 'un-accept' an indelible, irrevocable reality? Without the specific means to rectify the offending situation, what is the point of some empty rejection? It's unlikely many have considered this casually accepted contradiction. "Unacceptable!" and its fellow imprecations have become stale, predictable, clich├ęs, neutered by hyperbole. Without a rectifying solution, 'unacceptable' is beyond impotent. It only serves to reveal the vacuous bloviations of Our Leaders; the political equivalent to white noise.

To your average wordsmith or everyday cynic, the hollow cacophony of this outrage has become so prevalent to be comical, in an ironic sorta way. When the reactions of government weenies are nothing more than "Outrageous!" and "Unacceptable", we are left to speculate: what are their specific solutions to remedy the problem?

Answer (spoiler alert): There aren't any – except somewhere off in misty Theory Land. Nothing pragmatic can be offered; all the reconstructive solutions are wound inside the Gordian Knot. To get to any one of them requires the same solution Alexander used and, at the moment, that is not politically feasible.

So we piss and moan, bitch and gripe, post and rip on injustices, unfairness, double standards, what's Constitutional and Un, violations of the Rule of Law, double standards, Government corruption, Corporate greed, Haves, Have Nots and Won't Ever Gets …and so what? Other than hyperventilating and no small amount of grandstanding, what is accomplished other than therapeutic venting? Politicians at all levels continue unabated and corrupt. Citizen-shackling, Freedom-crushing legislation is passed and celebrated as "doing the job we were sent here to do"; proof that we consciously elect psychopaths to oversee our slavery, ignoring real abuses of rights, property, and person. And all we do with perfect regularity is gripe about Taxes, MSM, AOC, HRC, BHO, and DJT ad nauseam. It's all Kabuki – until it isn't.

When will that be?

We can start by stop saying "government is tyrannical because 'we' allowed it to become that way". What could a person to do prevent a "tyrannical government"? Follow politicians around, telling them what they can and cannot do? As if they ever listen (unless you're a lobbyist). Vote for "better" candidates? How do tyrants get in position in the first place? Representative government is an illusion; always has been, always will be.

Someone suggested: "Maybe it’s because people need something to believe in that’s bigger than themselves", a belief system. Belief systems are powerful; they define people, help them cope with life, and get through the day. Yet all belief systems are religions, superstitions, regardless if it’s a belief in a god, a government authority, a fruitcake, or something else. And to realize that your beliefs are nothing more than medieval superstitions at best, complete and utter bullshit at worst, would be to admit that your entire life has been a lie; that you have no idea who you really are or what you believe. Such a shock to a person’s mind could trigger a psychological depression so profound as to be life-threatening. So the mind fights back. It refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room, creating excuses for things so ridiculously absurd they border on insanity.

Sure, all politicians are scumbags. All Government sucks. Every law kills another chunk of Freedom. 'Know your enemy' is still a strategic imperative. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' even if he's a scumbag, too. Not everyone is on the same page. We're not "all in this together". We're all in the same storm, but not the same boat. America isn't free yet because we still beg with meaningless words, rather than demand with the authority of individuals.

But isn't that the mission?


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