The Week So Far

 The Week So Far...

Best-selling and great reading author, cigar-chompin', beer-swillin' James Bovard was successfully bribed, cajoled, blackmailed, and otherwise coerced into signing on for another bout of Something Completely Different!

And, actually, this one really is Completely Different! In fact, this exciting episode makes the maiden voyage of "The Week So Far with James Bovard" - what we hope will be a welcome, entertaining, insightful, and even informative weekly discussion of current events! Jim is one of the country's notorious observers and astute commentators of the political soap opera performing around us daily. His keyboard has long been more of a scalpel than a writing tool as his books and columns show. 

Jim and I have been holding chat fests like this for 30-plus years, right about the time Lost Rights and Freedom in Chains began dazzling readers across the country. More followed. You can see the entire Bovard Collection and follow Jim's work here.

Mark your calendar! Warn your friends! The Week So Far should pop up here every week as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and better restroom walls everywhere!

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