Get More Tank


Here's something different...!

Buddy I worked with for several years turned me on to this. He and some friends have developed a new additive that makes gas and diesel fuel burn more efficiently. Result: more MPG in the family wagon. 

So he said...

Skeptic that I am, I told him I'd check it out. If it worked, I'd post something about it here. I gave it a try in my wife's Highlander and my Tundra. 

Whaddaya know!? It works! 

19 to 24MPG - Highlander

16 to 21MPG - Tundra

City and highway, up hill, down hill, even hauling the trailer with the Tundra a couple times.

Get More Tank - A fuel additive tablet with a clunky name and ingredients that add miles to every tank. Get more MPG-Save large bucks. 

With gas prices defying gravity, this is a good deal - assuming you think  saving $$$ is a good thing.

 Get More Tank works for cars, trucks, boats. motorcycles, ATVs. leaf blowers - if it has an engine... Get More Tank.

So here's the deal: 

There's an introductory price on the 5 pack for anyone reading this. 

Go to Get More

Use the promo code Brian get another 10% off.

Give it shot. 

Get More



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