Not Necessarily the “News"

If you watch ABCCBSNBCFOXCNNMSNBCFNPR for the News, you're making a big mistake – or, at least, falling victim to one of the biggest on-going scams in America. Any 'news' content is scant. Manipulation is the ultimate goal. Playing on your emotions has reached symphonic proportions.

Listen to the emotive code words: Explosive, bombshell, war zone, slaughtered, bloodstained, heart-breaking, tragic, evil, ripped, caged, scary, abandoned. crisis, atrocities.

Then there are the perquisite drawn-out 'interviews' with crying mothers, children, husbands who have legitimate grief and sorrow, but serve as props by news media to garner ratings via personal tragedy. Exploiting tragedy, stoking fears is the MSM's game plan. I witnessed it, even participated to a small degree, for 55 years in radio/TV broadcasting in20 major markets, and 3 networks. The game and the rules never change.

This is not “news”. This is the corporate MSM manipulation of your emotions to counter what was once called “common sense”. Compare/contrast Thought vs Feeling.

While it is part of the human condition to be attracted to an anomaly creating some negative event – like a terrible car accident – the carnage doesn't speak to the cause. This is what the MSM exploits. Just as traffic backs up as drivers are awed by the wreckage, 'news' outlets emphasize the shock, tears and human tragedy knowing you will 'slow down', watch, and not change the channel. The larger the tragedy, the more destruction visible, the more people appearing on-camera to tearfully 'tell their story' is the strategy to keep YOU involved in the story emotionally; that televised 'bond' will keep you tuned in. That you learn little to nothing about the details of where, when, how, what caused the scene on the screen is irrelevant. The station gets the ratings while you get emotionally distraught and learn little or nothing to fortify you intellectually in preparation for the possibility of personal involvement in a repeat of what you are seeing. Terminating the curious mind is the goal. Stop (thinking). Look. Listen.

Once you come to understand this is the nature and function of The Game – whether it be Media, Politics, Government, Corporate 'news', goal is not to Inform; it's the exactly opposite: to mislead by withholding, obscuring, altering or outright lying about the facts that support the truth. As George Carlin famously warned: the Owners don't want that.

Through personal Due Diligence, conditional awareness, and tablespoon of good ole' skepticism, you can be accurately informed and not sucked in to the vortex of the Big Lies on the “Evening News”.

And that's a good thing. Maybe a vital thing. Especially today.


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