Government to the Rescue!

Doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart knowing, seeing, hearing how the Government - Media Complex protects your tender, child-like self – and your loved ones – from certain words that could traumatize all of you right into your own Rubber Room on the Funny Farm?

Take the semi-ignored story about Joe Biden responding to comments from David Axlerod. Spotlighting Biden's age as something deserving serious consideration of his re-election decision, the president responded calling Axelrod “a prick”. If you are among the few who actually saw/heard that story, you would have seen it as ****k or heard it as “BLEEP”.

How would the MSM report “While stashing more classified files behind his Corvette in his garage, the President accidentally pricked his finger.”?

I thought we resolved this decades ago, thanks to George Carlin's “Seven Words” monologue.

For Gen-Whatevers and other groups who maintain no history existed prior to their birth circa 1990, here's a link to a short but significant history how one man changed the way Government can and does intrude on you life. It's not pretty - much of history isn't - but it demonstrates how humans and human events when combined with government, can directly impact your life and liberty.

But I digress...

Similarly, I don't recall the GMC being so squeaky-precise covering candidate Donald Trump's private comment about grabbing “pussy”. Maybe it was more difficult to assume the reader would get the 'nudge-wink' message seeing “****y”. For those of us in broadcasting, BLEEPS are so much easier.

I've often wondered (unsuccessfully) just how did “pussy” become a Forbidden Word? Don't little old ladies still have pussy cats? Could you be arrested for saying, “Hey! That's a cute pussy you have there”? What if you were caught pussyfooting around? Wouldn’t that be painful? Ever have an nice arrangement of pussywillows?

Quoting Wikipedia: “The etymology of the word is not clear. Several different senses of the word have different histories or origins. The earliest records of pussy are in the 19th century meaning fluffy.”

As an outgrowth of the Carlin-Pacifica-Supreme Court-FCC kerfuffle referenced above, the euphemistic “community standards” (aka 'government censorship/local') were inflicted upon us. Pragmatically, this meant saying 'pussy' or 'prick' on the air in NYC would likely be heard without notice. “Try That In A Small Town” and you'd be looking for a new gig.

A couple decades ago (post-1990), I demonstrated this in two speeches, one in Baltimore (not a small town) and a few year later in Toledo (the definition of a 'small town'). While not among Carlin's infamous 7 words, I explained it would be Instant Termination to call the Mayor an “asshole”. While pejoratively correct in both towns, actually saying so on the air made the reference irrelevant “based on community standards”. However, I continued, if I were to say “Mayor Pantload is an ass. Whole communities think so.” context and a period would save my ass job. No one would have flinched, much less caught the wordplay. Especially in Toledo.

But the greater issue is not the preservation of virgin ears or timing the deployment of our 'adult language' until The Children are old enough to curse like golfers. It's Government, without any authority from any source except that which it assumes to itself, prohibiting you from saying/not saying words it doesn't approve.

While Carlin's “shit”, “piss”, “fuck”, “cunt”, “cocksucker”, “motherfucker” and 'tits” may not be an integral parts of your vocabulary and you may not approve of them being conversationally bandied about around your ankle-biters, it's your decision - and exclusively yours- not 'society', 'the greater good', or any government agency to impose limitations, prohibitions or penalties on when, where, how they may be seen or heard. Of course, that requires the diligent exercise of the key ingredient to Freedom: Individual Responsibility. Failure to do so welcomes Government and its Men With Guns into your life to make those decisions for you.

Regardless of age, you've already experienced this imposition just over the last few years. Remember when questioning “COVID”, “Pfizer”, “masks”, “vaccination”, “lockdowns”, “hydroxychloroquine” or “mandates” would instantly result in getting you de-platformed, tossed in “Facebook jail”, even a visit from a Government agent? Dissing Fauci, the CDC, or approved Government narrative had career killing results for many, even those imminently qualified to speak out with studied contradiction. Now add “Sudden Death” and “myocarditis” to the Government - Media No-No list. Thanks to Alt Media, blogs, podcasts and similar outlets like Substack, the public is gradually becoming aware how the size and scope Government censorship wiped out small business, regressed education, destroyed families and brought the elderly and children to the point of death.

For people at any age who have yet to notice, Government has, does and will continue to do this - which should explain why history is of paramount importance. Failure to learn it and learn from it invites Doom to the Freedom and Liberty you've enjoyed so far.

Neither Government or Media are galloping to your rescue. They actually coming to trample your rights.

Don't let that happen.


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