Rinse, Repeat

Well...that didn't take long.

President Biden set a land speed record for trotting old the Same Old Same Old on gun control right after Maine's mass murder momentarily became the MSM's lead story. If it weren't for the hostilities in Gaza, Lewiston, Maine would be the new center of the media universe. Of course, all the usual useless pandering was in the usual useless Biden “message”...'Once again our nation is in mourning...Jill and I are praying...I've directed my administration to provide...We'll be there every..”

But of course you won't, Joe – but we are continuing to get a deeper appreciation for the bovine excrement that is the primary product of your office.

Not wanting to follow in the wobbly, wandering footsteps of the President or the predictable Cyclops myopia of the MSM, I'll just reference my previous scribblings about the lack of reporting on the possibility of suspect Robert Card's drug use. It's a safe bet it will not be reported. Not with Pfizer sponsoring most every Network Newscast. Any chance for that will be in the coroner's report now that Mr. Card has been apprehended without a pulse.

More obvious now to even the most anti-gun zealot is the regular failure of all the empowered agencies involved to actually enforce laws already on the books. You know – all the ones that were going to solve the problem of “gun violence” and “keep us safe” after the last mass murder. But that was so Last Year.

Did you hear it looked as if the late Mr. Card had a mental problem? One news outlet reported Card “allegedly behaved erratically this summer while serving as an Army reservist. Card was deployed to Camp Smith Training Center in upstate New York to help support summer training for West Point cadets. Card was allegedly "hearing voices" and threatened other soldiers.

"Out of concern for his safety, the unit requested that law enforcement be contacted," Police took Card to Keller Army Community Hospital at the United States Military Academy for a medical evaluation.

Speaking of hearing things, Did you know that Maine has a “Yellow Flag” law? Not Red Flag – the current solution to everything guns; No, Maine came out early with a Yellow one. The Yellow Flag law allows enforcement to detain someone they suspect is mentally ill and poses a threat to themselves or others.

The law differs from red flag laws in that it requires police first to get a medical practitioner to evaluate the person and find them to be a threat before police can petition a judge to order the person’s firearms to be seized. And as the local TV station mentioned “Card underwent a mental health evaluation in mid-July after he began acting erratically while with his reserve regiment.”

A bulletin sent to police across the country after the attack said Card had been committed to a mental health facility for two weeks this past summer after “hearing voices and threats to shoot up” a military base.

The report also stated, “The limited details released by police don’t make it clear whether the yellow flag law should have stopped the suspect in the Lewiston shootings or where he got any guns he used. Not everyone who stays at a facility is considered formally committed, though. Formal commitment is a court process that’s usually required to keep someone at a facility longer than about 14 days

See how simple and easy it is? You can add your own irony here.

Meanwhile, Ancient of Days, Maine Senator Susan Collins (R-Nursing Home) sounding like Gilda Radner's Emily Litella told a gaggle of reporters

"If, in fact, the suspect was hospitalized for two weeks for mental illness, that should have triggered the yellow flag law and he should have been separated from his weapons. I'm sure, after the fact, that's going to be looked at very closely."

Yes, 'after the fact' – how timely for the dead and wounded, Senator. Grief for your constituents is noted.

But isn't this the predictable pattern? Politicians pounce on every tragedy, demanding new laws, new regulations that eat away at the rights of law abiding citizens like an infestation of government termites eagerly munching on the tasty parchment of Constitution. Whether by choice, drugs or bad genes, there will always be Bad People who break the law – but, old or new, gun laws are rarely, if ever, enforced. Just ask Hunter Biden. So the promised protection to Keep Us Safe is the usual empty rhetoric, inevitably leading to the next redundant and meaningless cycle of Rinse. Repeat.

Ah – but this time around, along with the good old Assault Weapons Ban and associated regulatory dingleberries, President Pantload has also announced his latest panacea: the first ever White House Office of Gun Violence Protection, the newest laughable bureaucratic misnomer for a non-existent problem.

But wait! Here's the punchline: It will be overseen by non-other than that paragon of success and administrative genius, fresh from her face plant as Immigration Czar, the Martha Stewart of Word Salads, your Vice President, Cackling Kamala Harris.

Along with the WH announcement, the nearly-invisible and wildly unpopular VP stated this administration's new lead balloon “will play a critical role in implementing President Biden’s and my efforts to reduce violence to the fullest extent under the law...we will not stop working to end the epidemic of gun violence in every community, because we do not have a moment, nor a life to spare.” Then POOF, she was gone.

Continuing the irony, the press release names 3 unknowns who will be doing the grunt work while Kamala plays with her Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. We're told these folks, now with new-found tax payer funded paychecks and bennies, have been toiling endlessly for an average of 10 years at all levels of government and NGO's, leading advocacy efforts, testifying before Congress, appearing on MSNBC and CNN to 'end gun violence'. With these non-qualifying qualifications, and seeing their combined efforts have done virtually zero to curb the so-called 'epidemic of gun violence', can unmitigated success be far behind? That would be Yes.

Pearl Clutching about “assault weapons” “ high capacity magazines” “weapons of war” is so Been There, Done That, you would think the anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment, anti-freedom groups, politicians and MSM types would come up with something new. Whoever in the Biden administration is playing the part of Joseph Goebbels needs to take some remedial Creative Writing courses. The words and timing are as predictable as “Rinse. Repeat.”

Alleged perpetrator, the late Robert Card being found at room temperature pours some cold water on the government and media's regular war dance for gun control. So while we have these few moments until the next anticipated tragedy, here's a suggestion for all my media colleagues down the hall in the News Room: At the next press conference with the President or the Talking Mop or whoever the politician may be, ask: Had this latest proposed legislation been the law at the time, what positive effect would Biden's Same Old Gun Control Law have had? Would it have stopped the latest Bad Guy, Mr. Card, from doing all those Bad Things? Since failing to enforce current laws have failed to keep us safe as you promised, isn't the real goal disarming the citizen and nullifying the Second Amendment?

The response would be stunning.


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