Brad Smith - Guest Column: Gay-Trans, parents and kids

 Finding a talented writer and exceptional thinker is one of the few bennies still available on Face Book. On those rare occasions, it is my intention to give their talent and intellect the widest exposure possible. BW

A few decades ago I went to college where there was a man who dressed as a woman. This person was about as non-sexual as you can get. They didn't make a point out of it at all and neither did anyone else.
As I'm now a self labeled Moderate, I'll say this. There are some men and woman who have body dis-morphia or whatever it's called this week. However, the vast majority of them are Simply straight Men who have a fetish for wearing women's clothing or they are Gay men who have found wearing women's clothing gets them more attention. Most of the Gay trans people, work in the sex industry. 

Maybe one in ten trans people truly believe they are the opposite sex, the vast majority of them are just Men with a Fetish or they are Sex workers, either doing porn or as prostitutes or both. Many of them have serious addictions as well as having been victims of abuse themselves repeatedly throughout their lives. 

As a moderate, I can feel sorry for the ten percent who have a mental condition, which makes life very difficult. None of them are helped by being lumped in with a a group of people who frankly speaking are just perverts. And I don't even care if these people are perverts, not as long as they keep it at home. Am I calling for all gays to go back in the closet? Nope, I'm simply pointing out that Men who have a fetish for wearing women's clothing in public shouldn't be treated the same as the person at the college I attended. Furthermore, if you have ever been around both types, you will never wonder which is which. 

The fact that it's not easy for normal non-brainwashed parents to tell the perverts apart from the ones who simply have a mental illness, is what really bugs me. It points to a level of brainwashing that is scary. Over and over parents turn off their Inner Alarm System and allow these perverts to have alone time with their children. This didn't happen naturally, these parents were essentially groomed by the media and by politicians and others to put their children in the hands of dangerous people. Part of them knows fully well that these types aren't to be trusted, but they are more worried about being called a Deplorable than they are for the well being of their children. So much so that they lie to themselves and actually believe that this horrible practice is Good for their children who will grow up more tolerant. 

What good is going to come from telling your children they must be more tolerant towards perversion?
What should kids be taught? There isn't a one size fits all approach and no parent has yet mastered it, however I don't think teaching children to emulate perverts is ever going to turn out well. If you feel you must teach your children about them, because they will see them and must be explained. Tell them what I just said, that's my advice. Ten percent have a mental condition that leads them to feel wrong in their own body, it's much like people who feel they have a limb that needs to go. The other 90% should be avoided like the plague because they are toxic. And by the way, they wouldn't need to ovoid the 10% because the 10% is busy being avoided people themselves. That's how you tell the difference by the way. If one is avoiding your child they are most likely OK. If they are demanding you bring your kids to the drag show and that you leave them alone for a private talk, they are dangerous. One will be running around acting Sexual, one will be avoiding any undue attention. 

The vast majority of today's Trans are either perverted men who get off on wearing women's clothing in public or they are gay sex workers. Now they want to add confused kids to the list, to increase their numbers, so they have More access to young confused people. Do you think they want more young confused people for a reason that's good for your child or do you think these perverts have an ulterior motive?

The 10% of trans people, who are truly trans, wouldn't wish their condition on their worst enemy let alone your child. If a trans person is celebrating their condition and encouraging children to behave the way they do, they are toxic perverts and should be avoided at all costs.


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