None Dare Call It Censorship

 Censorship is the surest way to guarantee you don’t know what you don’t know. And you won’t.

The subtle censorship of the Biden administration has been simmering effectively on the MSM’s back burner since the 2020 “Biden Basement” Campaign. Using Covid and media myrmidons as cloak and shield, Biden was enabled and empowered to hide his questionable poll numbers just as he avoided the discomfort of embarrassing inquires. When the occasional pointed question did make it past the PR radar, employing the patented Ignore Button saved the day.

Biden’s sounds of silence were discovered and perfected during the ‘campaign’; ‘less is more’ worked very well. After his questionable election and lightly attended inauguration, his handlers were shocked at his multiple gaffs, but just as thrilled ‘calling a lid’, Camp David and multiple Delaware weekend retreats were remarkably safe and effective keeping Biden incommunicado and the public mostly unaware. At least in the beginning. Falling up the steps to Air Force 1, falling off a snazzy two-wheeler biking back home, then his handshakes with invisible guests and free-range stage wanderings, were impossible to keep from a restive public.

The Biden Cover of Darkness spread wider at the Orwellian-named ‘White House Press Briefings’ (which became anything but) with the arrival of White House Press Secretaries Jen ‘Peppermint Patty” Psaki and her successor, Kristen “Kringe” LaPierre. Never has so little been said about so much with so many words than the verbal Dodge Ball played by these two. The latest nuance is the “Pack It In” maneuver: shutting down the WHPB when questions have points that nick the intelligence, qualifications and credibility of the “Talking Mop”. A slam of the binder, a stomp of the foot and the back of the head bobbling out the door indignantly, eliminating another potential peek behind Government’s Invisibility Cloak.

Deeper into the swamp of the Biden Administration and Family Business, the good old Ignore Button keeps getting quite a work out. Along with slow-walking FOIA requests, snail-paced ‘criminal investigations’, a paucity of Presidential press conferences, limited public exposure and the perpetual get-away week-ends, high-ranking administration personnel are raising censorship to the next level by flat-out lying to the public right into the watchful eye of C-SPAN cameras. While refusal to give Yes or No answers to simple but pointed questions invariably ends with mild embarrassment and a dead heat. Public Ignorance wins by default as allotted times expire at important Congressional Oversight Committee meetings.

Next up, the Eric Holder ‘In-Your-Face’ Award, generally given to the highest ranking administration official for ignoring a Congressional subpoena with impunity. Odds-on favorites: SoS John Blinken and AG Merrick Garland are in a virtual tie as of this writing.

But the C word may be coming into its own soon as Biden & Co take the velvet gloves off, revealing the heavy hand of denying a NY Post reporter access to a White House function featuring a rare public sighting of Sec of Trans, the incompetent Peter Buttigieg and Wandering Joe, Father of Hunter. Not surprisingly, the event was ‘lightly attended’, meaning plenty of reporters’ seats were available. Why the Post reporter was barred without credible reason has serious 1st Amendment implications. Removing upset parents from Board of Ed meetings is petty-tyrant play compared to barring bona fide reporters’ access to government events in the public interest.

In living color, we are witnessing the ways the subtle scalpel of censorship is applied – just before it morphs into a government machete and transparency, speech and a free press become road kill on the Information Highway.

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