Considering 'laws'

The concept of government 'laws' is illogical.

Criminals or 'outlaws' whom the 'laws' are meant to constrain don't care about the 'laws', that's why they are considered to live outside the 'law', 'outlaws'. If they are a thief, a rapist or a murderer they will steal, rape and kill. Look how much crime there is every day all around the world despite 'laws' forbidding it.

People who aren't criminals don't care about those 'laws' because stealing, raping and killing are things they wouldn't do anyway, so such 'laws' are irrelevant to them.

The majority of 'laws', however, aren't meant for criminals, they are for social control. The majority are 'prior restraint laws'. 'Laws' that restrain people's behavior ostensibly to prevent them from harming others if left to their own devices. In other words, people are punished for behavior that hasn't harmed anyone but which the state has determined would inflict harm on someone if not kept in check by them. A sort of 'Precrime' system where the state claims divine knowledge and will use that power to keep us safe. 

It's the classic correlation and causation fallacy of politics. The unprovable proposition that garners the state millions a year in fines, bail and other restitution costs from people who have done nothing wrong. There is no logical argument that can be made that justifies what the state does. No reasonable, rational or common sense explanation.

That's why politics is only for the infantile and the insane. 


- H/T Don Cooper, friend


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