Why Government?

Regardless of your patriotic sensibilities, the truth about government is an absurdity without rationale or reason.

There are no qualifications required to be president, a member of Congress, or on the Supreme Court. You don't even have to be a lawyer to be on the SCOTUS!

A political candidate can promise anyone, anything and there are no consequences when he/she doesn't keep their campaign promises.

If elected, there is no such concept as 'going to work', there are no work hours, there is no job description and you can't be fired. If you're on a committee and don't want to attend committee meetings, no problem. Don't want to vote on a bill, no problem. Don't want to attend a congressional hearing, no problem. You can do whatever you want, nobody's keeping track.

Each member of Congress gets an office and a $2 million/year office budget with which they can do anything they want. They get a $174,000/yr salary for doing whatever they want. More than three times the average American household income. And recently, they all received a $34K raise. It wasn't called a 'raise', of course – it's called 'reimbursement' for meals and hotels and such. But they don't have to produce any of their receipts to get reimbursed and, generally, reimbursements aren't taxed. Think the IRS would let you skate doing that. Ha! See you in prison,

But elected officials can. 

And...They can take money from lobbyists and they can introduce bills that lobbyists write. They are rubber stamps for industry in exchange for re-election campaign funds and their 'charities'.

Do you know why being a dentist, doctor, engineer, architect, pro athlete, musician, etc. can't be done by just anyone? Because they require very specific skills.

Do you know why being a politician can be done by anyone? Because there are no skills required.

Explain to me what level of insanity, what level of conscious ignorance is required to believe and honor an institution in which anyone can be hired, can't be fired, and is paid six figures for doing whatever they want? There is no justification for that. It's an arcane institution that should have been relegated to the scrap heap of history thousands of years ago.


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