The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

Politics are the cause of so many problems but why? Politicians create problems, so they can claim to be the only way to fix them. That's my theory, it's the Self Licking Ice Cream Cone.
As an individual voter, at best you might fend off those problems for a while by voting, if you get lucky, and if the stars and moon are in the right order with Mars. Maybe you can find someone who actually rolls back an abuse or two, but it's always one step forward and two steps back.

People are people and a government full of people doesn't get better by adding more people and giving them more and more power and more and more money with less and less accountability. Which it seems we always do, over and over again throughout history. Read the Bible, it's one story after another of leaders gaining power only to abuse it until their nations crumble.
Why do we keep doing it? Probably because people are naive enough to think politics will solve their problems if they just vote harder or pay homage to the right set of rulers.

It's Rather like Lucy and Charlie Brown.

Try harder next time Charlie, we promise, this time people won't be people, they will really be gods, if you give them even more power.


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