From Good to Gruesome

Some Good News! Many of our fellow citizens are starting to wake up and speak up!
Hoo-Wah! (that’s Latin for “it’s about time”)

ICYMI, there was a little episode in New Mexico last week. The Gov thought she was in charge of the Bill of Rights - specifically the 2nd – because ‘none of our rights are absolute’ and, therefore, subject to suspension whenever deemed appropriate by Governors with a Tyrant Complex, e.g. Michelle Lujan Grisham. With an Executive Order, she suspended “open and concealed carry privileges in Bernalillo County for the next 30 days”.


She wants New Mexicans to enjoy their (non-existent) ‘right’ to be safe. So suspending an inalienable Right in favor of a Nice Idea that suits her politics and megalomania is AOK; the law be damned.

Predictably and admirably, gun owners in the immediate area didn’t take too kindly to this arbitrary dictatorial trespass and demonstrated accordingly. Good on them. Visible displays of support for the 2A are few and very far between.

In Virginia, parents of public school children have found their voices – and where schoolboard meetings are held - after learning local, State and Federal folks claimed more rights and authority over their children than the parents. “What happens in school, stays in school” could have been a sarcastically accurate bumper sticker when ‘school officials’ claimed they were the ‘final word’ about subject choice, reading material, even ‘woke’ restrooms. That’s when two girls were subsequently attacked by a teen age boy who liked wearing a skirt. That got him access to the Girls Room where he performed his rape and sodomy. School officials claimed ignorance until the father of the first victim demonstrably made it known at a Board meeting and got arrested. You may have seen the footage on the Evening News; more recently, the pardon he received from the VA Governor after it was reported the principal and other school big shots did indeed know the specifics and lied. Appropriately, job losses and jail time followed.

Sadly, not limited to Virginia, there are teachers telling students to keep quiet about their manipulative gender choice, gender fluid, gender affirmation and transitioning ‘discussions’. Records show how these student-teacher chats have influenced decisions resulting in permanent tragedy for children too young to know the implications or make informed decisions on irreversible puberty blockers (chemical castration), genital altering surgery and breast removal. At least 13 U.S. hospitals perform gender transition surgeries on minors; more have been caught lying about it.

Occasionally, an old cliché can really be effective, like “Where’s the outrage”? Shouldn’t teachers who claim the authority, even a ‘right’, to engage in ‘secret’ conversations with students encouraging gender transitioning be fired immediately? Don’t they fit the definition of ‘groomer’? What about the ethics of doctors who take an oath to “First, do no harm.”? Has the Woke Agenda altered the plain meaning of words? How can we begin to understand parents who approve, even encourage, their child’s “choice” of geneder - and life - altering surgery?

Maybe the questions are moot. Maybe our society’s standards and values have sunk to such a level expecting parents, teachers, medical professionals to be in agreement on something as basic as a child’s welfare is just too ‘Last Century’.

Doesn’t a child deserve childhood, reserving adult decisions for when they become one?

Or does nothing say “Love” for a son or daughter than removing their genitals for the sake of…what?


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