The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

Before we get to the UCT, what is a Conspiracy Theorist”?

A definition I came across had this:

The term used to discredit someone who speaks about things you can’t bare to look at. Because if they were true, they would reveal a darkness in the world that you’re simply not ready to accept.

I’ll be playing that ‘someone’ for the rest of the piece.

As a Talk Show Host, you hear a lot of remarkable ‘theories”; it’s part of the job. What’s compelling is when ‘theories’ like UFO’s, JFK assassination, Vince Foster murder, 9/11, fires in Maui are revealed as fact.

With every Joe Biden mumble, stumble, faux pas, handshake with invisible dignitaries and outright lies, more and mores people are questioning how someone with obviously failing faculties can run America? Can someone who refers to the Declaration of Independence as “you know…the…the thing!” actually be overseeing complex issues effecting every aspect of the country? At a press conference, when Biden blurts out, “I’ll get in trouble if I don’t stop…” or “I have orders to do this…” – to whom is referencing? To whom is he accountable? Who gives the President of the United States “orders” to do anything, even which reporter to call on? Just who is running the country? Seriously. Who is concocting counter-productive policies destroying the economy, hurting families and constricting freedom? Who is pumping billions of taxpayer dollars into the failing proxy war in “Ukraine” simultaneously ignoring homeless Maui residents, victims of the suspicious Lahaina wildfires? A senile, doddering caricature who compromises himself with every appearance?

What if the answer is the manifestation of the whisper: Barack Obama, his “Third term”?

Given serious thought and logical analysis, how difficult could it be for the former president to be masterminding every aspect of the Biden administration?

Questions like these invariably get the Bullshit Flat; the Conspiracy Theory put-down. “Do you have any proof”? Only circumstantial - but without connecting the dots, how could you know either way without a fair, open examination?

Why wouldn’t it work?

Obama certainly has the time, resources, sympathetic contacts, and fawning myrmidons in and adjacent to the White House and Congress. Some have speculated - not without some documentation - if the gymnastics required to successfully steal the last election were meticulously planned years in advance anticipating a Trump re-election against an aging, incompetent political fixture running a decades old back-channel money laundering and influence pedaling operation that involved his entire family?

Certainly none of the characters who make up Biden’s ‘Cabinet’ have the experience, intelligence or political savvy necessary to pull all the strings required of a President without a support team easily detectable to seasoned Washington observers.

For most of Biden’s term, it was a poorly kept secret domestic policy advisor, Susan Rice, a key figure in the Obama administration was the connection between Obama and Biden. A former UN Ambassador, she was the only person to serve as both National Security Advisor and Domestic Policy Advisor. With Obama allies as legislative leaders and committee chairmen, legislative issues could be easily handled. Once policies and strategies were designed, foreign affairs could also be carried out with ease.

Recall Obama’s astounding and prophetic proclamation “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”? (Oct. 30, 2008) It was a bold statement, revolutionary even, surpassed only by the response of those in attendance, who, rather than pausing to reflect upon such an audacious assertion, wildly applauded. To be sure, these Obama enthusiasts would have ecstatically cheered anything he said at that moment…

“But even then, the words “fundamentally transform” should have alarmed everyone. We Americans generally don’t do fundamental transformation. We make changes, yes, small and large, but who among us — other than the most radical revolutionaries — actually want to fundamentally transform the nation?” (National Catholic Register)

With all the post-Obama revelations since he left office, it shouldn’t be difficult for the informed reader to envision the distinct possibility, given Biden’s visible failings, observing radical government actions, legislation, regulation, unconstitutional commitments, blatant lies, debasing the military, the high profile snubbing of the rule of law, even ignoring judicial decisions should raise serious questions about his abuse of Presidential privilege, disregard for protections afforded citizens by the Bill of Rights and the Constitutional legitimacy of his administration of the Executive branch.

However, none of these aberrations would appear as such if you consider the possibility it is actually Barack Obama in the shadows of the Oval Office. The ‘fundamental’ disregard for American institutions, customs and practices began dissembling during his administration. From the scandals (Fast and Furious) to the tragedies (Benghazi) to the ‘lower case’ headlines of opprobrium of Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Rahm Emanuel and many others – all treated with studious disinterest by the liberally slanted media. With Donald Trump’s 2016 stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton, the ‘fundamental transformation of America’ was put on Hold until the 2020 election that would be manipulated to insure his defeat. The election of an empty suit with name recognition was a shock to all but the most disconnected voter. It was a glaring demonstration of the desperation liberals and Democrats would go to regain power and resume the work still needed to effect the ‘change’ Obama promised.

Biden’s incompetence has actually been a benefit, allowing the bold contrivance conceived by Obama & Company to be administered through a puppet. With his family’s financial future secured, only Biden’s vanity needed to be satiated, going through the motions of a pantomime President while the Obama machine controlled the policy, timing and direction out of sight of the public, press and Republicans. It also explains the hubris, dissimulation, and condescension in the face of lies, distortions and gaffs plainly seen – but not challenged - on the Evening News; the MSM continues to provide the smokescreen necessary to keep the public ignorant and apathetic. Without the voters’ demand for accountability, the fraud that is the “Biden Administration” continues without pause. It is no “conspiracy theory’ to state unequivocally: no previous administration could have had the record of impropriety, scandal and proof of outright criminal activity without facing citizen outrage.

The two problems with the Public accepting this charade are understandable. The first, aggressive ignorance is a common malady throughout the electorate; the symptoms are well known: “I don’t know and I don’t want to know”. Second, Cognizant Dissonance, plays a bigger role. Even the best informed suffer within its quagmire attempting to process Fact from Fiction despite overwhelming proof for both. Unfortunately, the majority of voting age adults are not adept in the exercise of critical thinking; bias, prejudice and overall zeitgeist obviates most efforts - if attempts are actually made.

As with all ‘conspiracy theories’, ridicule, denial, personal attacks are SOP. Ironically, acceptance and apologies rarely follow in the wake of confirming revelations! Despite mountains of proof to the contrary, most people today still believe masks and vaccines will protect them from Covid. And Epstein committed suicide! The nice thing about ‘conspiracy theories’ is they rarely cost anything more than social rejection.

What do you think? Massaging a line from a popular movie: “Does the theory hold water?”

A wise man wrote: “Time is the sole arbiter between Prescience and Paranoia.”

So what time is it now


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