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Here is a selection of posts randomly collected from the Comments Section of web sites focused on Current Events. The subject was “Illegal Immigration”.

Unless state governments and the public step in, the crisis will only expand.

Looks like Sedition 101 from my vantage point.


Time to roll through employers hiring illegals and bankrupt them.

Shut the government down, cut off its funding, and do not open it until this border is locked down tight and all the tresspassers are deported.

A deliberate destruction of the USA

Bring back public hangings.

State police should arrest anyone cutting the fences. It's destruction of state's property.

National Guard should open fire on this invading force, especially the armed guards.


The people posting these comments puzzle me.

They need a remote to change TV channels, but shout they're ready for "Revolution!"

They want Biden & Co. arrested and imprisoned, but don't understand the Biden Justice Department has no intention of enforcing the law against their own;

They want their local Sherriff to act, but have voted against every tax that supports his office;

They want the State to intevene, but haven't been to a council or candidate's meeting to make their concerns known;

They've never called their mayor, govenor, congressman or senator encourging a pro-Freedom vote;

They want local LEOs to be everywhere, but have never organized a neighborhood watch program;

They want the Civil War to get started, but haven't fired their father's 12 gauge in years. If they have a box of ammo, it's a miracle;

They yell “Molan Labe!” and have an NRA Life Member bumper sticker on their truck with a picture of Charton Heston holding a flintlock crying “From My Cold Dead Fingers!”, but will be the first to sheepishly hand over their “arsenal” to the BATF guys who dropped by for a chat;

They marched down to City Hall for their Concealed Carry Permission Slip, but that cool looking 9mm stays home. Locked up. In a closet. Magazines and ammo stored separately;

They haven't told their kids about Daddy's pistol and he hasn't taken them to the range for Gun Safety instruction and to shoot a real firearm either;

They haven't been out hunting in decades; but the kids all have iPhones;

“Public hangings”?

On rare occasions, a contentious but mostly civil exchange takes place:

Bob - I am fully aware of what is right and wrong and our bill of rights, constitution, etc... Being a realistic person doesn't make me a cuck. Being an emotion driven narrow minded person with zero depth and ability to analyze a situation and the pros and cons of specific approaches to resolving problems does make you an idiot. These problems aren't solved with narrow minded simplistic approaches. What you are suggesting is the actions of a person who reacts on impulse and emotion. I would much rather a person take a more diplomatic approach rather than kick off a conflict where the people in the right end up being made an example of.

You see what happened to people on Jan 6th? Did that really work? Did it help anyone's cause? Nope... And it wasn't even an insurrection... They stomped people that did half of what you are suggesting... Wake up and get your head out of the clouds”

Ray - So Lionidas should have laid down his weapons. The garison at Gonzalez should have given their cannon. The Alamo should have surrendered. Captain Parker should have escorted the Brits to the depot. I can go on and on.

In all these cases, the people who rejected tyranny did not initiate the violence. The one bringing it did. Asking a tyrant for an appeal is cuck. I'm sorry you don't appreciate that. At some point, you have to stand up for right and wrong. Saying "no" should not be a revolutionary act, but it becomes one when doing so threatens the unopposed monopoly of the initiation of violence by the State.

We've done your plan for 100 years. How's that working out. Maybe it's time to look back in history and find examples where strong people simply rejected the yoke being thrust upon them. Not by attacking the tyrant. But by rejecting the concept all together and defending themselves should the tyrant do what they do...initiate violence.

Bob - You are a keyboard cowboy... If you really think these people should be doing all of this, why are you sitting behind your keyboard talking **** about it and not out there fighting the good fight? You push others to take risks and make impulsive moves and yet all you can do is sit at home and criticize others.

Ray - There shouldn't be any risks is the point.

Saying "no" to tyranny shouldn't be asking people to take risks. In a functioning society, quite the opposite.

You are quite the insidious one. I never once said fight it out. I said, just the opposite. In all those example the ones "fighting it out" were the ones who brought tyranny. Encouraging people to wake up and realize that they have power over the Leviathan by simply removing consent is not an act of violence nor asking anyone else.

In contrast, your position becomes one of societal Soma. Just go along with it. Play by their rules. Don't make waves. They have the guns and the money, who are you to question it? It's sad that you have no drive for liberty, but chastising those who do is just wrong.

And then there's this...
“The true measure of a person's worth isn't what they say they believe in, but what they do in defense of those beliefs. If you're not acting on your beliefs, then they probably aren't real...I don't want to be a person who remains afraid to act in defense of my principles.”

  Edward Snowden
“No Place to Hide”


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