NFSCD -- The Tipping Point S2 Ep. 38 Brian Wilson with Don Williams

 When will 'enough is enough' be enough?

Smithsonian icon, Don Williams, returns to the show discuss the tipping point. (Link to audio discussed in podcast can be found here.)

Don Williams is a conservator, educator, scholar and all-around inquisitive guy, having worked on some of the most interesting objects and historic buildings in our nation's public and private collections. He has developed, managed and presented educational programming on an array of subjects in the fields of conservation, woodworking and wood finishing.

Brian Wilson is a nationally-known radio and television host, author, speaker, and consultant with more than 50 years experience in media as host, News/Program Director, and Owner. His periodic scribblings can be found on Substack and his website. On Facebook, check out Brian's page along with his 50 Stories: 50 Years in Radio page and of course, the Now For Something Completely Different Facebook page. Brian's books can be found on Amazon.


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